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Hey! Wanna talk? I'd love to tell you all about our rescue operation, and answer your questions. Or even better, receive your Adoption Application so you can take one of us adorable dogs home!!

Jennifer with her first 2 Dobermans, Sable, left & Sebastian, right and her 2nd rescue Doberman Ray Charles, center. 


Lone Star Doberman Rescue Contact Info:



(NOTE- We do not have a public phone # because we are all volunteers with full--time jobs. We check the email multiple times per day.)


We are a STATE-WIDE Doberman rescue in Texas. 

MAILING address is in Fort Worth:

PO BOX 101782

Fort Worth, TX 76185

(This address does not receive packages. Please email us for a different address for packages.)

FAX 817-727-4126



Our adoption fees as of August 1st, 2023: 

Puppies to 6 years of age $400;

7 yrs + or special needs dogs of any age $300;

Bonded pairs $500 total for both.

Our dogs are fully vetted at time of adoption, including complete exam by a vet, all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested, on monthly heartworm prevention & monthly flea/tick prevention, de-wormed for intestinal worms, and if heartworm positive, we treat the heartworm disease. There are also various other expenses per dog, depending on each dog's needs.  If there are any other signs of health issues, those are also addressed/treated prior to adoption as well. The adopter does get a copy of all the vet records at time of adoption.

We spend between anywhere $350-2500++ per dog to get them ready for adoption, yet the adoption fee amount ranges only $300-400. We must receive donations to have funds to save other dogs in need.

**Most general questions and some very helpful information can be found by visiting the     "Important Info" tab here on our website. 

Please take a moment to review the information before submitting your questions.**


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If you are contacting us because you can no longer keep your dog, or you have found a purebred, stray Doberman, please click the blue box below. 



Asher, Abbey and Goose 


Web Site by:

Lisa E. Freeze  /


Contact Lisa for all of your marketing needs ~ She  will make a 20% donation to LSDR on all referral business...just mention this site!

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LSDR, Inc.  Board of Directors:

Jennifer Rentfrow, President (Fort Worth)

Lauren Schultz-Tacchi, Secretary (Houston)

Lynne Lutz, Director (Dallas)

Jenene Pope, Director (San Antonio)


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