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Furr-Ever Homes is the Mission


It's All About The Dogs...



     Lone Star Doberman Rescue was formed by a "Doberman Mom" in 2011, who has had Dobermans in her life since she was a young child. She was the proud mom of rescued dog Andy, who she rescued at 4 yrs old in 2011, and passed away in 2012 from obstruction surgery complications;  and her very first Doberman, retired show dog Sable, raised from a 20 week old puppy in 2004, who passed away at 10 yrs of age in 2014 from cancer; the love of her life dog Sebastian, raised from a 12 week old puppy also in 2004, who passed away at almost 13 yrs old in May of 2017 from medication complications after beating pneumonia; and rescued adult blind boy named Ray Charles, rescued/adopted at 4 yrs old in 2012, who passed away at 8.5 yrs old in February of 2017 from complications with kidney disease. Abbey, adopted in 2014 was the perfect addition after Sable passed and she was absolutely wonderful with all the boys she shared her home with. Abbey was a "middle" dog so she lived with the previous boys and the current boys. Abbey passed in December 2022 from cancer after a strong fight. Each took a piece of her heart with them & are missed every single day.   The current kids, black & tan boy named Goose (almost 8 yrs old now) is very loved. Goose was rescued in 2016/adopted 2017. And newest kid, Asher, a fawn & tan puppy who was surrendered to the rescue by his owner when he was just 8 weeks old, he is 5 years old now and full of personality. 

Passionate about all animals, she has been involved in rescue (both all breed dogs and cats) for over 27 years now. When she began a personal endeavor to assist shelter Dobermans, and volunteering with existing Doberman rescue groups, she quickly realized  how many beautiful and  precious Dobermans  were  suffering in shelters  across Texas; and that existing Doberman rescue operations were all running at full capacity most of the time. This meant that Dobermans were dying in shelters. This sad statistic inspired her to start rescuing Dobermans exclusively, and in her first  year alone  she personally  fostered 39 Dobermans ~ whether it was for a single night, a week, several months...or however long it took until they could be safely placed. 

Meet Marlie! 

Marlie 225.jpg

Marlie is a beautiful girl but needs a special home. See more photos & a more detailed description under the "available dogs" tab. 


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Please help us care for our dogs and donate if you can... Any amount helps!


Abbey, Goose & Asher

Each dog that comes and goes through the rescue takes a piece of her heart with them as they leave for their fur-ever homes. Lone Star Doberman Rescue continues to fight the good fight in the name of saving Dobermans, and  always keeps it "all about the dogs". LSDR is always in need of your caring, assistance and support. LSDR couldn't possibly do any of this without the amazing network of numerous faithful volunteers and supporters across Texas who do so much to help us evaluate, foster and transport dogs. 


​     Our mission is to save, rehabilitate and rehome Dobermans who find themselves homeless in TX; who are faced with no other options for safe placement. At Lone Star Doberman Rescue it truly is all about the dogs, with our priority being the safety, security and continued success of these animals.


Please Help! We are in great need of Foster Homes & Donations in order to keep saving dogs!

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